J Irja

J Irja is artist,producer,

songwriter, who is very nice on the mic, her flow is wicked and she keeps the lirics and tracks coming.



Producer,Uneekint is no stranger to the music industry, with his soulful style and smooth vocals in different genres he always keep the tracks coming and keeps the crowd rocking, with releases

on Future House Recordings/

Sugo/The Orchard/Sony.

Sava Boric


Sava Boric is a  electronic music veteran, he has been around for many years, and with releases on KHB Music,Mofalco Recordings, Vector Recordings,LAD,and his own imprint Future House Recordings /Sugo/The Orchard/Sony, just to name

a few.


Mojalefa Sekharume known as "Scara" by many fans who follow his music journey. Scara was born in a small town of Winburg (Makeleketla), Free State Province, South Africa and grew up in Welkom, Where his musical journey began at age 14. Scara a self-made producer/dj started producing in 2007 using a software called FL Studio 4, at that time he was just learning the craft of making music and getting to know how to use this software, that's when he discovered the love and the passion for making music.





P-Monie/Moniestien, been in the music business for many years and been on the electronic music scene since 1992,with releases on LAD,Soul Shift Music /Sugo/The Orchard /Sony, Waxtone Records, Future House Recordings /Sugo/The Orchard/Sony,Louddjs, Deep House Nations Records, and his own imprint,Monie Power Records.

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